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Fruta Planta Reviews

Always worried about the figure so have tried several slimming products, so far only this works for me, have been taking for half a month and about 6 pounds is lost! I am happy ...

- Deb Maculloch

3 Boxes Fruta Planta Pills

3 Boxes Fruta Planta Pills
3 Boxes Fruta Planta Pills

Price:   $48.90

100% Natural Slimming Capsules On Sale!
Fat Burning and Toxin Expelling, No Side Effect
100% Pure Ingredients, Safe and Effective
Suitable For Both Men and Women, Free Shipping!!
When the metabolism has been accelerated and the appetite controlled, one is likely to lose weight quickly. Fruta Planta pill is such a slimming product that can do you this favor. It can effectively burn the fat stored in buttocks, thighs, belly, etc. and turn them into energy that the body needs. Besides its awesome function, it is also cheap. You really can’t beat the price with such good quality.

Main Ingredients:
Lemon, Bitter Melon, Papaya, Benefit fruit, and Spirulina Maxima, Fruit Gum

Specification: 400mg*30 Capsules/Pack
Usage and dosage: one capsule before breakfast with boiled water, one day one capsule.
Precaution: Children, pregnant woman and patients who have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or kidney disease etc can't take this product, don't use it along with other medicines
Supervising Manufacturer: Guangzhou Yanxiang Biology Technology Development Co.,Ltd

by Robert V. Monreal
fruta planta is perfect diet pills, no jitters. The product is good.

by Krista Howard
I started using fruta planta at 67kg and now i am at a sexy 52kg, the pills are really wonderful and i have recommended it to many people

by Kristina Ross
I did feel my appetite is cut and i have more energy then b4 after taking fruta planta pills, i will keep taking and see the effect a month later

by Krystal Barber
The product is great, no hungry and it gives me a lot of energy to get through the day! I have been taking it for 2 months and i have lost 10 kilos

by Penny Fernandez
Good deal, my weight is 138 from 145 in 2 weeks

by Hannah Hunt
i have lost about 18lbs with the fruta planta pills and the side effects that i have was serious dry mouth, i have to keep taking water...

by Colleen Davis
I began with the weight of 156 and i am now 140, fruta planta is very effective and i really like it, i hope to lose another 20 lbs with them

by Estelle Boone
I was 166 and with fruta planta, i lost 44 pounds and feel great! Thanks so much for providing real product

by Cecelia Jennings
My weight right now is 180 and my goal is 125lbs, my friend told me this product works awesome, i hope so, i will order more if they really work for me, wish me good luck...

by Amber Harper
They tuk a couple of weeks to see results bt anyway i love them as long as they let me reduce some lbs :)

by Bernadette Collier
hey are working effectively! I am ecstatic from my results! I will definitely recommend you!

by Maryann Freeman
My mom and i have been taking fruta planta for 2 weeks and we both have lost a couple of kgs, very good, thank you

by Blanca Saunders
I am so happy for what fruta planta has done for me, i was 76kg but now i am only 65kgs after finishing two packs! I love it

by Charlene Burns
I have been taking the pills for 3 weeks and i think i have lost some weight as my pants are getting loose, i can’t wait to weigh myself, i will let you know a week later

by Catherine Erickson
I like the effect of this fruta planta, i was 69kgs but now i am 58kgs in 2 months, my family and friends are amazed that i can lose so much without any exercises lol

by Dora Andrews
I am getting amazing result! The goods suppressed my appetite greatly, which was a big problem for me...

by Sue Rodriquez
They are good, i have lost 14lbs so far, i think that anyone who wants to lose the weight can give it a try, god luck and don’t give up :)

by Kay Wagner
They are good, the only side effect i get is dry throat but it is OK as long as i can drop some pounds lol

by Caroline Boyd
the pills is wonderful for me, i have went from 150 to 135 now and just eat healthy, workout and drink a lot of water and it works, love it!

by Erma Harvey
The fruta planta pills are amazing and work wonderful for me, i;ve completely leaned out! I recommend it, just drink lots of water and eat well to keep your health, good luck :)

by Sadie Woods
fruta planta product is great! I insist it for about 2 weeks now and I feel very good, checked my weight today with 8pounds dropped, Cheers! I will give my family a big surprise next time I go home, excited!

by Sally Blair
It is awesome product which worth to have a try according to my results :).......nd just an advise for who is interested, take it in the early morning with enough water, or you may have trouble in sleeping.

by Lee Schneider
It’s really good I’ve lost 10lbs so far in 26 days, I do hope it can continue to work so that I can lose 30 lbs after a period, it is too difficult for me to do exercise.....

by Tami Jacobs
got mine today, thanks for fast delivery, my friend have lost with this capsules so I also come to have a try, hope it would work for me

by NATALIE Erickson
My mom is a different story but it is a very positive one as well. She have taken many diet pills before. But no result or even made her sick, I have tried to find a good one for her but no lucky, and this Planta Pills is recommended by one of my coworker, she spoke highly of the product and I ordered some for my mother. This is the second week, she is totally fine with the product .i m really happy about it .