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Fruta Planta Reviews

Always worried about the figure so have tried several slimming products, so far only this works for me, have been taking for half a month and about 6 pounds is lost! I am happy ...

- Deb Maculloch

30 Boxes Fruta Planta Pills

30 Boxes Fruta Planta Pills
30 Boxes Fruta Planta Pills

Price:   $299.90

100% Natural Slimming Capsules On Sale!
Fat Burning and Toxin Expelling, No Side Effect
100% Pure Ingredients, Safe and Effective
Suitable For Both Men and Women, Free Shipping!!
Many people know that fruits and vegetables are good health, but few know that they can help lose weight as well. Take lemon, one of the major components of Fruta Planta capsules, for example, it is one of the fruits that has the most medical value. It contains rich elements that are beneficial to health, such as vitamin C/B1/B2, sugar, calcium, etc. More importantly, it is a natural antioxidant that can help discharge or the toxins and wastes.

Main Ingredients:
Lemon, Bitter Melon, Papaya, Benefit fruit, and Spirulina Maxima, Fruit Gum

Specification: 400mg*30 Capsules/Pack
Usage and dosage: one capsule before breakfast with boiled water, one day one capsule.
Precaution: Children, pregnant woman and patients who have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or kidney disease etc can't take this product, don't use it along with other medicines
Supervising Manufacturer: Guangzhou Yanxiang Biology Technology Development Co.,Ltd

by Cristina moroyoqui
I was so happy I discovered the fruta planta . It really works and has no negative side effects. I bought ten of these for friends and family. Worked well for me! Great product!!

by Linda Tucker
I have lost 26 pounds with the help of these Fruta Planta Pills and I love the fact that they do not make me feel jittery in fact .The only problem ive had is remembering to eat... remember if you want to lose weight you HAVE to eat.

by Emeli Haggett
I did not know how this product would work but I've been amazed. I'm dieting and exercising but even when I cheat I'm still losing weight. To date 56 pounds lost

by Elizabeth STUART
I've noticed that the Fruta Planta Pills pills actually have been suppressing my appetite and I've lost about 4 pounds in four weeks - So far I am really pleased with the product.

by Wendy Martinez
I've been taking it now for about 3 weeks off/on, and I've lost 8lbs. I have not experienced any bad aftertaste or side effects.

by Leonie kopanaki
i am in the military and do hard and strenuous exercise but there was a time where i wasn’t seeing results as quickly as i should have been , well after taking Fruta Planta Pills, I feel difference. The energy boost I get from the Fruta Planta Pills is just what I need, not a like an unwanted turbo rocket booster in the rear and severe heart palpitations.

by Peter sotelo
it really is a supplement to help aid your weight loss. I like this particular brand because there are so many people using this. I did not notice any strange packaging or exp. dates like I have read in ther reviews. My wife and both take fruta planta we both think it is a wonderful product and intend to keep on taking it.

by Misty Hugueley
I tried this product based on the rave reviews that I read. I figured it was worth a shot. I found that when taking one pill a day, I honestly wasn't as hungry.